Friday, October 29, 2010

The End of the Rainbow

To finish off Reading Rainbow week
here’s a link to the Reading Rainbow
book list:
(Reading Rainbow week 
at this blog that is-your celebrations
may vary).
Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain [BRINGING THE RAIN TO KAPITI PL]
I've mentioned Bringing the Rain
to Kapiti Plain, featured on both RR
and Between the Lions. Good 
illustrations, rhyming text, and logical
progression-all helpful for the young
reader with autism.
Reading Rainbow books are picture books,
usually most appropriate to early elementary
school children. But let your child’s needs 
and interests rather than 
age guide you.  At ten, my boy is
officially too old for picture books, but those
are the books he chooses. So I supplement
his choices with chapter books and let him
enjoy his picks too.
My friendly local librarian suggested the
Reading Rainbow book list. The Green
Hills library keeps a copy with the titles
they own highlighted.
Follow your rainbow 
-Spectrum Mom

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