Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Librarian's Thoughts

I Am Utterly Unique: Celebrating the Strengths of Children with Asperger Syndrome and High-Functioning Autism

As fascinating as I find my son, I want this 
blog to help a wide variety of people who 
may have different reading likes and needs. 
So I not only ask you readers for comments,
I email friends and acquaintances and beg
for them. Many thanks to the kind people
who respond.
Today's suggestions come from a 
librarian who has personal and professional
experience. Her suggestions follow:

They carry an alphabet book called 
I am Utterly Unique:  Celebrating the 
Strengths of Austim with Aspergers Syndrome
and High Function Autism by Elaine M. Larson. 
[also available from Amazon, see above.] 
In addition to the obvious books published 
specifically for children with autism, any 
book that focuses on the child's interest is 
excellent.  I see kids and young people with 
autism go straight to the juvenile nonfiction 
to find books about their favorite topic.  
I like the books with helpful self-care topics 
as well.  Books on how the body works, 
taking care of your teeth and hygeine books.  
Books on manners can be helpful.  Simple 
cook books are nice for kids.  It's part of 
the self help and there are tons of them 
out there these days that are attractive, 
simple to use and well illustrated." 

Please let me know if you'd like
to be credited, friend-Spectrum Mom


  1. Thanks Tammy. Last year (when he was 9) my son really enjoyed
    Hi-Lites. He also likes Ladybug and Spider magazines.