Monday, October 4, 2010

We go, Dr Sam (word games)

Elvis Lives!: and Other Anagrams (Sunburst Book)

My boy can make up palindromes, but while he can unscramble word
scrambles, I haven't heard him make up many anagrams. I haven't made 
up many either. 
In fact, I think the one at the top is my first.
In the car this morning I asked him for an anagram and he promptly replied 
"toot otto" words he has also played around with when we try to come up 
with palindromes.
I think these books interest and engage my son because the rules are so 
clear. Once he got the concept, any time he saw an anagram, he knew the
point. I remember when we first told puns and knock knock jokes he always
had to check in - "so "orange" instead of "aren't you"?" 
and he still does that sometimes. With an anagram or palindrome, he knows
what is happening every time and can think it over.
My boy is a symbol decoder and concept-challenged. 
I would be curious as to whether kids who have challenges
with symbol decoding would enjoy having the letters change around.
Terrific (New York Times Best Illustrated Books (Awards))
Jon Agee again does a nice job with composing, grouping and illustrating 
this word fun. All of his kids' books are worth a look because they combine 
strong visuals with straightforward narratives and humor.
-Spectrum Mom

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