Friday, October 15, 2010

The Finer Points of Storytime

Dog's Noisy Day
The boys and I continue evening 
storytime with varying results. I
take my own advice and keep
trying. Last night went very well,
though at one point I thought the
barnyard of animal noises would
crescendo out of control.
This is the kind of book my oldest
and I would read when he was little
and learning how to point. While 
most children are confident pointers
by two,  many children with autism 
have to learn this skill.
Animal books are great for teaching
this to your toddler-
"Who goes woof? Point to the dog 
going woof."
You may recognize Dog from my
"Storytime is always special" post.
I only just got around to reading
it to my boys, but my librarian friend
who gives the storytime for 
children with special needs has used 
three of the Dog series for those days. 
Dog's Colorful Day: A Messy Story About Colors and Counting (Picture Puffins)
If you're in the area, her next storytime 
for children w special needs is at the 
Green Hills Library on Saturday, Oct
23 at 10:30. 
If you're not in the area but are interested
in a storytime for children with special
needs, talk to your local librarian-or 
send them a link to this post.
While I think all children should be 
and usually are welcome at all 
storytimes, I also know that
sometimes it feels nice to be in a 
group where you know no one will 
stare or judge. I wish I had been
brilliant enough to suggest such a
storytime when my boy was little,
mainly because he might have made
a friend there.
-Spectrum Mom

"O Pointy birds, o pointy, pointy. . ."
-Steve Martin

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