Friday, October 1, 2010

Word Play

Palindromania! (Sunburst Books)
From my boy's earliest recorded
utterances, he's played around 
with words.
All kids do, but I think verbal
kids with autism may do more
than most. At three when my son
interjected comments, he did so
almost exclusively in opposites.
("We're out of bananas." "We're
in bananas.")
Since at age 10 he still struggles
to understand what he hears, I 
think playing around with words
helps him a lot. He has control and
knows what is happening. Sometimes
the word games may help him with
comprehension. Sometimes the 
opposite happens. But he gets a
chance to study how words work
in a different and engaging way.
We started thinking about 
palindromes about a year ago,
inventing a little story about
Dad and a civic. Agee's book
takes the activity to a new level
with fun and inventive cartoons
with groups of palindromically (?)
named like objects and stories.
-s mom
puff up
(or from my boy, "hat tah")
 this week spotlights
wonderful banned books for kids.

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