Monday, October 18, 2010

Pirates at Home

Eoin Colfer's Legend of Captain Crow's Teeth

This week is my oldest son's Fall Break, so
this may be my post for the week. On the up 
side, we've had time to finish Captain 
Crow's Teeth. And time for him to write 
about the book. He sat with the book in his 
lap and consulted it constantly to squeeze 
out the eight sentences I asked him to write. 
Here's what he wrote:
Will and his brothers spend summer days swimming, 
building rafts, and putting crabs in their shoes. 
Marty told the story of Captain Crow’s Teeth.

Will quizzed Dad about Captain Crow’s Teeth.
Will and his dad went fishing.
The Sprats did a jig.
The boys lined up for a Paul Jones.
What was a Paul Jones?
They played a game called “Captain Crow’s Choice.”
We figured out that a Paul Jones is a kind 
of dance. But you can see that he did not
remember a lot about the book. Part of this
was because we read the book over an 
extended period of time. His dad said
the kid interactions did not make much
sense to him either.
From my point of view I thought the book

engaging and written at about a third grade
level. The sibling relationships, parental 
and social interactions all seem real.
And the book explores themes of anticipation,
imagination, and fear, all useful topics at 
about the right level for my ten year old with 
But the pictures are very confusing
since they often reflect Will's imagination
rather than what is happening in the story.
Given what's happening here and how much
we all have to do (besides screen time)
I'm thinking of going from a MWF schedule
for posts to a MF schedule, is there anyone out
there who would mind?
-Spectrum Mom

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