Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Attention Anyone?

On the Reef (Andrew Lost #7)
My son started reading the Andrew Lost 
books last year at age 9. Then he didn't 
read any for several months. One night he 
was talking like funny characters from 
books and I asked about Thudd 
(Andrew's robot) and he remembered him 
so back to the books we went. He likes them 
and reads them readily enough, though he 
calls them hard to read. Anything but a 
basic picture book he calls hard to read.
Your average reader would read these in
second or third grade, but older kids might
snack on these as quick fun reads.
Pictures continue to be vital, 
for a reason I've not yet mentioned.
My boy needs a reason to read, and
finding out what's happening in a 
picture gives him one.
He reads, but he doesn't pay attention
to the story. He pays attention to the
Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

Reading Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing
aloud he changed words to their opposites, 
sang words, and switched words around.
When asked what the story was about he 
"I don't know I wasn't paying attention."
Anyone else have this problem with a
child? Anyone have a solution?
-Spectrum Mom

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