Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wild Animals in the Living Room

The Lonely Moose

Long time readers may recall that I 
sometimes sit down with my ten year 
old (w autism) and my four year old 
to read picture books together.
I assign a character to my ten year old. 
We hadn't done this for a few weeks, so 
on Monday we did.
Except my four year old(F) has gotten 
more jealous and my ten year old (T)
more disengaged so the start of the
story went like this:
M "Come read with me."
T "I'm too tired."
F  "He doesn't have to read. You can
read with me. (To T) You can stay
in your room T!"
After much cajoling I had both boys
on the couch and told T he would be
the moose.
F "I want to be the moose. (whisper)
You can tell me what to say.
M You can do the moose call (haroo)
every time I say moose.
This went fine until F forgot to do the
moose call, T got upset, F decided to
do the moose call at full volume 
constantly, T got upset, repeat ad
nauseam until M reads the last line
to self and dismisses boys.
Deep in the Jungle
Last night we read Deep in the Jungle
with T as the lion and F as the lion's roar.
All went well.
Keep trying.
-Spectrum Mom

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