Monday, October 11, 2010

Mi Mi Mi - Me Me Me - Song Lyrics & the Blog

The Complete Book of Hymns
My boy likes to read song lyrics.
In church he sometimes flips 
through the hymnal (not this
one-but ours has a boring 
cover) looking at the lyrics.
Anyone with a hymnal does
that I guess, and perhaps he 
does so for the same reasons, 
restlessness, curiosity, etc.
But of course, he also pulls 
down those cd cases to read
the lyrics and looks at some
songbooks - the campfire or
sing along type for preference.
So I suspect there is a little 
more to it.
Again, the poetry piece prob
comes into play with the
rhyme giving the lyrics a 
pleasing predictability.
Can anyone think of other 
reasons? Any of your kids share
this lyrical love?
Now to me, and blogging-
if you follow me you may know
that I usually post MWF. Perhaps
you would like to know when I've
written something. You can definitely
follow me and if you're on blogger 
you'll see posts in your dashboard. 
But if you're not, you may not
know so I've been twittering at
AutismReads and today I've
added a button so if you twitter
you can tweet the title of any 
post you like. Also, please follow
me on twitter if you want to know
about my latest posts.
If you neither twitter or blog,
you can expect me to post at
least once a week. 
see you here or there,
or anywhere, or on a
screen, or on the street,
or anywhere we chance
to meet
-Spectrum Mom

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