Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Choosing Books for Your Child with Autism

Usually I write about books that work fairly well for my boy.
But of course not every book I pick out for him interests him at all.
Since I want these reviews to be useful, I write about the ones that
he likes-or is at least willing to read.
But maybe that gives the wrong impression. Maybe you think that I always pick just the right books because I am so attuned to him 
and that if you don't do the same for your child, you're not doing well by him or her.
Or perhaps you would like to know my starting point, 
how do I decide which books to try?
For those reasons 
(and because he did unsupervised reading over the break)
here's a book I picked that he hasn't read and why I picked it. 
Next week I'll let you know if he liked it.
Tales of the Shimmering Sky: Ten Global Folktales with Activities
Retold by Susan Milford.
Large type
Lots of pictures
Short sections
Folk tales-emotions etc. stated rather than implied
Stylized pictures
Complex activities

-Spectrum Mom

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