Friday, January 6, 2012

Logging the Books

Both my Kindergartener and Sixth Grader have a 20 minutes
a night reading assignment. The little guy colors in (well, I
do) a chart and the big guy has a log-which I also fill in, because
his autism affects his fine motor skills and motor planning and
his handwriting is a messy casualty of those deficits. I have him
add up the minutes and sign the log, but I do the daily stuff.
Which means-I'm not sure what it means. But sometimes the
daily summary is written days after the reading, because getting 
him to summarize is a struggle that can last far longer than 20
We read the first story of Shimmering Sky last night
(see Wednesday's post), "The Division of Day and Night" and I
couldn't find a blank book log so I tried to discuss the
reading with him a bit. He liked the idea of making a box to
see the sun because of some word in the description.
This focus on the part rather than the whole is completely 
typical. He repeats words or phrases that catch his fancy and
is almost completely indifferent to the story-like last night
when he cared nothing about the possible eviction of the
family in the tale and everything about a character's name.
He often seems to not know the meaning of words, 
but not when requested not to know. 
That is, Wednesday when I needed to help him find some words 
he didn't know for vocabulary homework, he was at least 
partially defining everything from ecosystem to crystal 
and refusing to look up definitions/write about
anything he felt he knew.
-Spectrum Mom

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