Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sight Unknown

My youngest has neurotypicism and is educating me about
his brother's strengths. Who knew that not every kid just
started reading books by Christmas in Kindergarten?
(yeah, I know, everybody but me)
So I bought sight word flash cards last Friday. He hated
them, but he liked a game they suggested-bean bagging
words. I spread out a grid of some he knew and some
he did not and the goal was to toss a bean bag on one
he could read and keep that card until he had five.
He did, and then we did five more and five after that.
Now this would not work with all kids with autism. I'm
not sure his brother would have been at all interested in
dropping bean bags on cards and he certainly couldn't
aim. But this game or some variation is worth a try if your
kid is struggling to read those first words. 
The trick, as always, is to give your child success.
If your kid knows one word, make winning one card the
goal, but keep the spread and take turns so you can
read out other words.

-Spectrum Mom

p.s.  I just saw that someone got to this site through searching for "what's the shrink ray
on the magic school bus called?" Very cute, and yet if the kid who wants to know has autism, 
this may be an important search. I think it's called the shrinkanator. Or is that on Phineas
and Ferb?

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