Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry Christmas Geronimo!

My son has a great assistant at school and she's noticed that
he sometimes writes "tall" tall. And so she gave him a 
wonderful gift for Christmas-A Very Merry Christmas 
by Geronimo Stilton. He started reading these books in
third grade and enjoyed the way "Geronimo" writes his
words, making "tall" look tall and "frosty" look frosty.
The Stilton series is immense and includes entries from
Thea Stilton too if you have a girl who prefers to read about
girls. The humor, plots, and emotions are 
simple and there are enough illustrations (in addition to
the illustrative words) to help the reading along.
At eleven my son is on the far upper range for these books,
but they are a good choice for readers on the elementary 
school level or for kids like mine where the main idea is 
to keep them reading.
Have a very happy holiday!
No book review next Wednesday during the holiday week,
but I'll be back in the New Year.
-Spectrum Mom 

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