Monday, January 30, 2012

You're Going to Love This Kid!

Paula Kluth's "You're Going to Love This Kid": Teaching Students with Autism in the Inclusive Classroom offers a thorough look at reasons and strategy for the inclusive classroom. 
     For some reason I expected a more personal approach, but Kluth
really only talks about her own experiences in the preface. She 
uses many specific examples from schools throughout the book,
but the focus is on equipping teachers with ideas.
    This is an excellent resource for teachers, especially those who 
feel unprepared to teach students with autism. Kluth starts with defining autism and understanding inclusive schooling and then discusses communication, behavior, literacy and other important
     Since many of these strategies could benefit all learners, I think the book a great read for any teacher. As for non-teachers, it's not a sit down and read like a novel book, but a resource. If your child is
having difficulty with a specific issue at school this book may be 
a good place to find suggestions.
     Of specific interest to me (of course) is the chapter "Seeing Students with Autism as Literate" which describes different learning styles and suggests activities that can bring students with autism in while benefitting the whole classroom.

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