Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Princess of Mars

My twelve year old son likes books aimed at a younger demographic. This is true for some kids with autism. 
Many will stick with a series or even one special book
long after their peers have moved on. 
Of course other kids with autism, particularly
those with Asperger’s, have different literary tastes.
We met a boy about my son’s age Friday 
who has Asperger’s and one of his favorites is 
A Princess of Mars.
This was one of my favorites growing up too.
If you saw the ill-fated movie John Carter
you know a little of the story. 
American jumps to Mars, and rescues a Barsoomian (Martian) beauty, the red-skinned Princess Dejah Thoris.
The whole tale is utterly improbable and quite exciting, just what you would expect from Edgar Rice Burroughs.
Great Things about A Princess of Mars for kids with autism:
  1.  start of a series-lots more Barsoom books to enjoy
  2.  little subtext - if the characters feel something they say so.
  3.  eventful narrative to keep kids engaged

Less Helpful
  1.  poor and dated social models-good men fight, good women scream
  2.  unrealistic situations (obviously)

So you may want to talk about how life is different than
in the books, just in case your kid starts planning a trip to battle a Thark, or worse, decides you are a Thark.
(I'm not a Thark, but I do look a little green today .  .  .)
Spectrum Mom
This book is also available for free online

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