Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The White Dragon

Before Paolini's Eragon flew on to the scene, McCaffrey
set the standard for draconic fantasy. For me, she still does.
Her world of Pern will enthrall tween and teen readers 
with an interest in fantasy and good decoding skills.
There is some emotional subtext, but emotions are usually
spelled out for the reader.
The White Dragon is the story of a lonely boy who 
bonds with someone as unique as he is, someone who
happens to be a dragon.
For younger kids, I've written about My Father's Dragon
elsewhere on the blog.
New Year's Resolution: Ask for Help.
It's easy to comment on my blog. That means I have
to delete irrelevant stuff (I'm avoiding the potted ham
word here) all the time. I keep it easy because I want
you to comment with your thoughts, recommendations,
reviews, anything kids books related. But you haven't, have
you? I know you're busy, but please share if you can.
Otherwise, I may as well put in place all those hoops 
to keep out the potted meat products that make commenting
elsewhere so time consuming.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Hello! I am a new author of inspirational fantasy. Also, I love numbers so much, logistics is my other job. When I'm building a fantasy world, I use plenty of word-plays and poetry.

    Invite your child to meet a mini-dragon who cannot remember the name of its own species until it recalls the rhyme that goes with it:

    “…Amongst these legends of dragon hoards,
    Where secret, precious things are stored,
    There golden nugget and diamond shard,
    There treasure-keeper hoped to guard.

    As bolted doorway securely braced,
    hoping its treasures to ever hold,
    hoping beyond when time grows old,
    So stood the keeper in its place.

    A statue of unrelenting stance
    Still stands victim to happenstance,
    For treasure-keeper did not bargain
    on a bit of chance and a bit of dwargen…”

    You can find my book in ebook format on Amazon: A Hummen in Spiral Gorge by T. William Watts