Wednesday, January 9, 2013

365 Penguins

For the New Year, an old book about a new year
 - the numerically and graphically engaging
365 Penguins which my boy read years ago and
enjoys thinking about. Without prompting he will
suddenly tell me how many penguins there are
today and ask if I remember the book.
I remember it quite well. I even mentioned it
once here back in 2010 when my posts resembled 
essays more than reviews and usually included 
multiple titles.
It's a bold big book which restricts its palette
and makes its impact with a graphic punch
usually reserved for product labels.
The story of penguin daily delivery is sweet, 
simple, utterly impossible and likely to charm
both parent and child.
The Amazon review says 
"Kindergarten-Grade 4–This hilarious, oversize picture book integrates 
challenging math concepts and environmental concerns into a clever narrative."

Sounds right to me. You can also find penguin

math activities on the web.

Enjoy, but be warned, if my boy is any 

indication, you may be living with these

penguins for a very long time.

Happy Nine Penguins Day,

-Spectrum Mom

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