Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Strange Stories for Strange Kids

The well-named Strange Stories for Strange Kids follows the winning Little Lit formula of short cartoon stories interspersed
with other graphic fun. My son related best to the page of
jokes and Jules Feiffer's title: "Trapped in a Comic Book."
Not every story worked for him. This is one weird quirky book,
and although meta appeals to him, this book sometimes goes
beyond the different to the downright puzzling. Literally,
since the book is full of puzzles and I think 
 Lewis Trondheim's "A-Maze-Ing Adventure" really confused
him (or was that me?).
Yet I still recommend this title. My son enjoyed the joke
page immensely, including "Why did Dr. Jekyll cross the
road?" and he never gets tired of saying and thinking,
"Trapped in a Comic Book!"
For most children I would suggest starting with the 
Little Lit Folklore and Fairy Tale Funnies to see how
they enjoy the format with more familiar stories.
But if your child truly relishes the strange, such as
a boy pulling himself out of his nose or cats exploring
outer space, you can't do better than Strange Tales.

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