Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Hoot is a fine, fun book for tweens and teens. No parent
is mortally ill, no one is kidnapped, no siblings go missing, 
Nazis don't kill anyone .  .  . You get the picture. As my
son said, "I didn't dislike it because nothing made me sad.
But the book made me very sad, because we spent hours
together reading and talking about the story, and my 
son remembers almost nothing about it. And they worked
on it at school too.
He doesn't remember whether Roy wanted the pancake
house or the owls (it's the owls). He doesn't remember
where Mullet Fingers was running from (the construction
site) or what he did there (left alligators and snakes) to
stop them from burying the owls. He doesn't remember
that the owls burrow, not nest in trees.
He remembers that Dana bullied Roy (he likes that 
Dana is a boy because "Dana is usually a girl's name").
He remembers that Mullet Fingers ran.
He remembers Curly's real name (trust me, this is not
important to the plot), and that Kimberly Lou Dixon
played Mother Paula.
He can tell me the plots of Holes, and Hatchet - books
we read last year. But not Hoot.
Something is really wrong.
So if you thought I had answers,
(instead of suggestions)
now you know.
I don't.
If you do, or even just ideas, please comment.
Thank you.
Sadly yours,
-Spectrum Mom


  1. Just found this blog and love the idea. Wondering if you have any suggestions for a first grader with Autism?

    1. Hi Candie Ree,
      here's my first grade post This is a series that helps beginning readers, but even kids w hyperlexia often enjoy alternating reading.
      For my boy, first grade was Dr. Seuss and Madeline. A lot of kids, with or without autism,
      start the Magic Treehouse series at about this time. And your child is unique. If you want to email me ( with more info, I'll give you individualized recommendations. Thanks for commenting!