Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wumbers It’s Words Cre8ed with Numbers!

The second I saw Wumbers I knew my boy 
would enjoy it. Instead of a story, 
Wumbers combines words and numbers. 
In any book, my son focuses on
the individual words or phrases,
and sometimes the page or chapter
And that's all this picture book has, 
phrases with words and numbers.
Billed as a book and a game, 
Amy Krouse Rosenthal replaces 
letters with numbers to make words
with illustrations by Tom Lichtenheld.
The game part is you can do this too.
Here’s what my boy says -
“It’s funny. ‘Alice in 1derland. Comedy 2night’”
I challenged him to come up with his own wumbers:
“2day is some1 special’s early birthday.
Have you read the story 
‘Back to School’ b4?
I don’t ∅ my favorite part.”
Click on the picture above for the video
by Chronicle Books.

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