Friday, June 15, 2012

Education Friday - Guest Moms 2

More Mom Wisdom on Reading Comprehension
"It does get better with time as their life perspective changes and they have more life experience. For example, when you are reading a mystery novel, you start to figure out what you think might happen based on the knowledge you have from reading other books, movies etc. With D, we used to use cliff notes and he would read that over first and then read the book for better comprehension since he had the idea of the story. Another strategy we used for him was to highlight text as he was reading picking out main ideas and important text. That helped. In college, he uses a tape recorder to record the lecture and then he can listen to it at home at his leisure to gain comprehension of all that was said."

"It takes a lot of patience, to be sure. Sometimes I stop often and ask J questions, and let him ask me. I find he does better if I explain the plot details to him before we read a book or watch a movie. Then he gets interested and more attentive and is able to follow better
I have found that telling him beforehand what it was all about for longer books and movies tends to help him get through the parts that are more 'tedious' for him, because there's so much context and language that is difficult to him. If he understands where it's going it helps him stick it out and understand it better."
"I have begun asking A to ask ME questions about something she just read to me or something we read together."
What works for you and your child?

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