Thursday, June 7, 2012

Education Friday-Guest Mom

Today, a perspective from a mom friend:

"This summer I am leaving the majority of homeschool 

subjects to the little guy's dad, his tutor, and his big 

brained therapists. What am I working on with him? 

Reading comprehension. Every afternoon I write 

sentences that are pertinent to C's life, and then have 

him read them aloud and then answer written questions, 

sentences like : "I like to watch youtube videos about 

elevators. Some elevators are made by Schindler or 


Working on reading comprehension is a pretty tough 

workout, and today, I tried to approach the concept of 

"why". I remember a television show talking about 

"why" as a "nasty little protestant word", and I think C 

feels the same way about it. It is now after 5:30 and I 

am pouring a very rare and well-deserved daytime 


Another mom mentioned the existence of a book by an 

autism mom on how to approach why, how, and similar

concepts. Anyone out there know the author's name or

the title?

Why? Because I could use some help.

-Spectrum Mom

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