Thursday, June 14, 2012

Board Books for Big Kids Part 2

In my Autism Reads book (in progress) I write that some kids with autism may always do better with sturdier books. Judging from the number of views for my post Board Books - for Big Kids? 
post; I understated that need.
Unfortunately, my post doesn't list board books that work well for big kids, just that my eleven year old wants to keep reading them.
That's because if you want board books that offer enrichment
for older readers, you're going to have to adapt or invent. 
Point to Happy, a board book specifically for
kids with autism helps you start your child's
interaction with books, but expanding the meaning
beyond kindergarten level is up to you.
In the Garden with Van Gogh is an example
of a board book in a series that could be used 
with an older child to discuss art.
You could try the Little Miss Austen and Little 
Master Shakespeare series to introduce some basics
of authorship and a few words from these authors.
There are some Little House and Wind in the Willows
board books out there too.
In general, the sturdiest books for older kids are
activity books like this one:

But if you really want a sturdy book with a more advanced
narrative, you're going to have to make one. 
Here's how to make your own board book.
Have you found a great board book for older kids?
Please share!

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