Saturday, June 23, 2012

Kickstarting Legends of the Boo-Monster

Once there was a father who loved his son with autism 
so much that he created a whole world for him.
That's the story behind the story of 
Legends of the Boo-Monster,
a book project that you can help fund on kickstarter.
Shawn Colton is the dad behind the project and I'll 
feature an interview with him Tuesday!
In the meantime, take a look at the kickstarter page 
to find out more about the book, and consider funding it.
The great news is that this project has the basic funding 
Shawn Colton needs to make the book. 
But since he didn't include a penny for his own work, 
it'd be nice if he had a few dollars over to pay for his labor.
He's also offering some very cute rewards for investors.
My initial impression is that the book's audience will be
parents, friends and siblings of kids with autism rather
than kids with autism themselves, but Mr. Colton 
can tell us about that.
Because this project doesn't really fit with 
Books for Kids w Autism Wednesdays 
All Grown Up Mondays
or Education Fridays;
So I think I need another sporadic series: 
Talent Tuesdays.
Mr. Colton's interview starts that series this Tuesday. 
And if you have a book project and autism, or one
about someone in your life with autism,
let me know.
-Spectrum Mom

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