Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Write Your Own

"Do you think you can meet the PiBoIdMo challenge and create 30 new picture book ideas in 30 days? Well then, sign-up for all the craziness!"
That's the challenge from children's author Tara Lazar and she's offering encouragement, guidelines, and giveaways at her website. 
If you want to take her up on the challenge or to find out more,
click the link:
Now, I haven't even sat down and written out all the social stories my son
needs, so it is unlikely I am going to do this. But if you are a  
picture book author looking for an idea, let me encourage you-think
about a child with autism-not as your theme, but as your audience.
If you have a child with autism, I probably don't need to 
encourage you to do this, but if you don't, think about a
kid you know you know with autism and make one of your thirty ideas 
something that would appeal to that kid.
If you know one kid with autism, you know one kid with autism, so your
book isn't necessarily going to be "a book for kids with autism." But if you
make a book that can appeal to a kid who doesn't like to read or that includes
a kid who's usually excluded, you will have done something as special as Mr.
Geisel did with his little Cat in the Hat trick.
You can look through this blog for ideas if you feel intimidated (don't-kids with autism are no more or less difficult to please than others, totally depends on the kid). If you don't know a kid with autism, write for a reluctant reader. Write for an individual and you'll be sure to have at least one reader. 
In general,
-simple and clear
-avoid abstract pictures
- or completely absurd
Now, get writing! (and thank you)
-Spectrum Mom

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