Monday, October 17, 2011

Thinking in Pictures

Thinking in Pictures reviewed by Leisa Hammet
This is my favorite book by Temple. 
It's a must read for any "parent" and anyone wanting to understand autism. 
Temple is the defining voice of autism. True, she may not represent all forms, 
but she speaks to all of them through her journey of being diagnosed severe and then her progression to a high-functioning adult. It is her dual gifted-ness that distinguishes her and allows her to explain in personal, specific and in user-friendly scientific details the machinations of the enigmatic autistic brain.(Apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.) 
She is simply one of the most fascinating individuals, and how she has used autism to share and explain her world is extraordinary. This book and hearing her speak early on in my personal parental autism journey were essential beacons that greatly aided how I chose to maneuver this tricky path. 
Read it!

For many more insights from Leisa A. Hammett about Temple Grandin
(whom she has shared a limo with) check the link below
Leisa A. Hammett publishes her  “The Journey with Grace:
Autism, Art &All the Rest of Life” three times weekly and 
usually focuses on autism and  “disAbility”on Wednesdays.
 She also occasionally covers art and autism on Fridays.

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