Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Llama Llama brings the Drama

For Fours - Part Three
If you are looking for a book that gets right
to the basic fears and frustrations of 
preschool childhood, you cannot do
better than the Llama Llama trio.

For that very reason (and because I never read them
to my boy with autism when he was four) I haven't
thought of them as must haves for kids with autism.
Depending on your child, you may be all too 
familiar with drama. 
But if your child (as J, the four year old who prompted this 
series and likes these books, does) likes the emotional
roller-coaster of strong feeling-acting out-happy
resolution in these books, Llama Llama spells it
out: Mama is gone (not in your room) at bedtime. 
Shopping is boring. Mama will leave you at preschool.
And everything will turn out okay.
These may or may not be issues for your kid. My boy
had no separation anxiety. But if they are, and your
child can take some strong transitory unhappiness 
(mine couldn't) in a book, Llama Llama may
help your dramas. Or at least be a fun, rhyming read.
-Spectrum Mom

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