Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Where the Wild Things Are for Fours

Books for Four Year Olds
Part Two of Four 
Last week I said that The Mineosaur met the needs of 
four year olds and kids with autism. 
If you know the plot line of The Mine-o-Saur
(selfish dinosaur throws a fit, loses friends, learns to share, 
gets friends back) you probably did not need a week to 
figure out why this book might help children cope. 
All children misbehave. All children need models of
how to behave and reassurance that they are still loved
after they misbehave.
In its way, this is some sophisticated stuff, and not all
four year olds with autism will understand the message.
Some may seize on the yelling and grabbing things
example. You know your child best. The classic Where 
the Wild Things Are offers an equally reassuring ending
with more abstract mischief.

Children with autism often do a lot of non-standard behavior,
and the more self-aware kids may look for it in their books.

J's mom told me that he liked books about bad behavior.
Next Wednesday, a look at the Long Day's Journey into Night
of Children's Literature, those masterpieces of toddler angst and
hyperbolic dramatics:  the Llama Llama series, another of J's
favorites in the misbehavior genre. See also @autismreads
J is not alone.
-Spectrum Mom
*Today on  Leisa A. Hammett's blog-
“The Journey with Grace: Autism, Art & All the Rest of Life”
a non-book, non-reading related post by me about how opportunities for our
children with autism decrease as our children age.

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