Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Books for Four Year Olds The Mineosaur

For Fours - A Four Part Series
This Sunday I met a great four year old and his mother
who told me about his favorite books. Since he was so
cool, and his mother was so cool, and since it's been
so long since I've written about this age group, I 
decided to make this a Wednesday series.

J proves the adage that when you've met one
child with autism you've met one child with

His taste in books could not be more different than my son's at 
his age. Not only that, at four he already knows what "favorite" means, a concept my son still struggles with at age eleven.
Asked for his favorite book, he says "Mine, mine, mine," 
clearly referencing a Nashville Books from Birth title The Mineosaur
I love this program, because it gives children 
from this area and age cohort a common literary heritage.
All kids need ways to connect. Wouldn't it be great if 
characters from books joined Elmo and Thomas the 
Tank Engine in our toddlers' conversations?
Now why does this story meet J's needs? Might it 
meet the needs of other four year olds with autism? 
Does it meet the needs of four year olds in general? 
I say yes and yes. Why? 
 I'll explain next Wednesday in Part Two of 
1,  2,  3,  Four!

-Spectrum Mom

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