Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What My Boy Thinks Summer Reading Will Be Like

The Little Engine That Could mini
Today was a half day of school, the last day of 
5th Grade for my ten year old. So the reading
limbo dance begins.
I asked my boy some questions about what he
thinks summer reading will be like.
Here's his response:
I like to read The little engine that could 

(Not the board book)
in the Summer because of the pictures. 
I like the engines.
I plan to read 
Do not open this Book. It’s very funny.
Mr. bond might come in one of the 
[library reading] programs. 
He is in for a shock.
The closest the summer reading
list comes to a picture book is
Hugo Cabret.
I don't know if Mr. Bond, the Science Guy
is on the library schedule or not.
And he has read Do Not Open This Book
five times so far this afternoon.
To Be Continued .  .  .
-Spectrum Mom

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