Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pointers for Autism

Point to Happy: For Children on the Autism Spectrum
I first saw Point to Happy mentioned some time ago.
I didn't mention it here because my son was too old
for the book and it seemed a bit gimmicky.
Yesterday when I saw the book in a fancy toy store
I experienced it a bit differently.  
Often friends and relatives have no idea what
to buy for a child with autism, and this could be
a fine gift choice, especially 
for a family with a newly diagnosed child.
With three places for every dollar, this may
not be a book that parents buy.
After all, you want your kid to point with
his/her finger, and many books will work
for that. If your child has a speech therapist,
she can provide you with materials or
suggestions specifically for your kid.
But the book is well designed and 
engaging with helpful tips on use from
a speech professional. If your child is
young, or non-verbal, and especially
if you are looking for ways to help
your child engage actively with books,
this book could help you.
If anyone has experience with this book,
please comment. I'm particularly curious
about kid reaction to the pointer .  .  .

-Spectrum Mom