Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Love That Creech

Hate That Cat: A Novel

Sharon Creech's two novels in poetry
(upper elementary-middle school reading)
combine elements especially attractive to
my boy with autism
● Poetry
● Dates
● Pages with few words
● Short Chapters
No illustrations, but they're not needed.
Some of the poems are illustrations in 
themselves-the "apple" and "chair"
Hate That Cat picks up where Love
That Dog left off with the remarkable
teacher Ms. Stretchberry switching
grades along with Jack.
My boy barely noticed the plot
(Jack gets a kitten, Jack learns to be
open about his mother's deafness)
but fastened right on to the discussion
of poetic devices like alliteration (long
one of his favorite thoughts).
I find the best way to share these books

with my son is for me to read the poems
and have my boy read Jack's responses
to them.
The book not only offers a selection of
poetry, but a list of books "from the

class poetry shelf" for further reading.
I'd like another book in the series from
Creech, but I expect she's done.
Unless Jack decides to
"Tolerate That Pigeon" ?
-Spectrum Mom

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