Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Picturing the Past

Enemy Pie (Reading Rainbow book)

Right now my 5 year old and my 10 year old are not
getting along. This is only tangentially related to my
older boy's autism. He's going into the younger boy's
bedroom to grab picture books.
I, of course, want him to read chapter books. I try
to find the ones with a fair amount of pictures.
But he seems almost nostalgic. He's also turned
our bedroom upside down looking for journals.
He sat in an office today reciting the dates I had
written in my 2000 journal of his babyhood.
Since I found an old book review by him
I'll dwell in the past too and share his 2008
book review (all were answers to questions)
from when he was eight.
Enemy Pie
by Derek Munson
They had ice cream on pie like I would have.
It's in the pie fiction genre.
It was summer.
I liked when they went up in the treehouse.

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