Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What do you know?

Woods Runner

My son's summer reading list includes a Paulsen
book, an author whose name frequently comes
up as a popular choice for older readers with 
autism. This summer my kid gets a little
extra help from a specialist to try to teach
pre-reading, so she's started him on Woods
Runner while I read Hugo Cabret with him
at home.
Both of us are trying to use K-W-L-S to 
help "activate" his reading. Here's a
Recently, an instructional technique known as K-W-L, 
created by Ogle (1986) was introduced into classrooms. 
Teachers activate students' prior knowledge by asking 
them what they already Know; then students 
(collaborating as a classroom unit or within small groups) 
set goals specifying what they Want to learn; and after reading
students discuss what they have Learned. 
Students apply higher-order thinking strategies 
which help them construct meaning from what they read and 
help them monitor their progress toward their goals. 
A worksheet is given to every student that includes columns 
for each of these activities.
The S stands for "What do you still want 
to know?"
Since my boy is my boy, some of his
answers reference non-textual matters,
and he often makes wild guesses that show
he's either processed far less than I thought,
or that he's not interested in answering
my questions.
But we've started, and we'll see how we
-Spectrum Mom

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