Monday, January 31, 2011

In the Beginning

Find the Teddy (Find it board books)

Writing my 100th post today (please, hold 
the applause) puts me in a reflective mood
about how my young reader began.
I read to my boy from the start. Even before the
start actually, since I read aloud to him when I
was pregnant. I remember reading But Not the 
Hippopotamus to him when he was two weeks
old. He eventually grew tired of that one, 
though I never did.
My son, like many children, 
showed no signs of autism (unless you count
precocity) until he was about 18 months old. 
Here's what I wrote about his reading just before 
the time he started losing words and gestures:

1/5/2002 (1 year, 6 months) He refers to most of his books by title 
"Find the Teddy" & "Baby Frens" 
for instance, and can 'read' parts of them to us. 

1/8/2002 My boy used to "read" his books aloud like this 
"abeba da dee do." 
Now he reads them like this 
"I see airplane. I see frog. I see fren."

He enjoyed reading to us then and had no
problems with focus. We're long past 
declarative fully illustrated sentences now.
He would rather ponder page minutiae that
I don't even notice than read with me and
rarely makes the expected connections.
But he still loves books.

Blue Hat, Green Hat

I think we can do that for all our kids,
non-verbal or hyperlexic, read with
them early and give them a love of
If you have a book-resistant kid,
write in-we need to share our stories
in every sense of the word.
Okay, you can applaud now,
prompting another 100 posts. 
Or better yet, comment.
-Spectrum Mom

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