Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Many Colored Days

My Many Colored Days
My boy and I first read My Many Colored Days
when he was four and I was trying to start teaching
My Many Colored Days   [MY MANY COLORED DAYS-BOARD] [Board Books]
Days is a posthumously published Seuss, 
illustrated by others, without rhymes or 
seussical whimsy. The narrator
experiences a variety of emotions which s/he
describes in color terms and examples of behavior.
We liked the book, but I never had a sense he
connected with it until I found the video.
Dr Seuss's My Many Colored Days (Notes Alive!) [VHS]
This is an original orchestral composition 
combined with computer animation and it
physically engages my child who has a whole
set of actions he must take to go along with
the music. This intrigues me, because no
one in the video instructs him to-he just
decided that this is what he will do.
I still do not know if either book or video 
help him sort out emotions, but they give
him something special.
-Spectrum Mom

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