Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Finally! A girl and her favorite books.

Animal Boogie Fun Activities
You may have noticed that when I talk
about specific readers, I'm talking about
boys. That's because I have a boy and 
up to now the only parents to volunteer
book picks have had boys too.
Statistically that makes sense, but
there are a lot of girls out there with
autism and I want to make sure they
have some book choices especially
for them. 
So I'm thrilled today to post picks from
the book selling mom of a little girl
with autism.
Animal Boogie (Hardcover with CD)
"My daughter is 8 years old and has 
She loves the following books:Animal Boogie and 
The Journey Home from Grandpa's PB w CD (Sing Along With Fred Penner)
The Journey From Grandpa's House 
(these come with a CD, she loves the songs).
Secret Seahorse (Hide-And-Seek Books (Barefoot Books))
Secret Seahorse, she is very tactile and loves this book 
because of the fabric collages in it.
Who's in the Garden?
Who's In the Garden and 
Who's in the Forest?
Who's in the Forest (these are peek-a-boo books 
and she spends a lot of time reading these because 
she likes opening the flaps)."
If you want to know more about these books or 
purchase them from the mom, click below. 
Step Inside A Story!
And please, if your child has a favorite, or loves
a book I've already mentioned, share!
Let's expand the data set folks.
-Spectrum Mom

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