Monday, January 24, 2011

Reading for Children with Autism Links

Caps for Sale Big Book (Reading Rainbow Book)
I tweet therefore I am a  .  .  .
Anyway, today "asdhelp" posted an interesting tweet
about guided reading. Effective reading instruction for my 
son is my holy grail and I'll write more on this soon.
Another post on the same site suggested using symbols 
(such as boardmaker provides) in books with repeated lines. 
These books help all children start to make the leap into 
reading and are especially helpful for those children 
having trouble "cracking the code" -
translating letters into words. 
Here's a link to a list of books with repeated lines:
The Three Billy Goats Gruff
My boy's favorite repeated line was the trit trot of the 
Billy Goats Gruff story. He is an absurdist (like me)
and enjoys repeating words that sound good to him 
whether or not they convey meaning to anyone else. 
The book list is long, and we've only read a few,
but here are some that worked for us when he was
a pre and beginning reader (he would still rather read 
picture books, but that's another post).
Brown, M.                        Goodnight Moon
Carle, E.                            The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Eastman, P.                        Are You My Mother?
Galdone, P.                      The Gingerbread Man
Guarino, D.                       Is Your Mama A Llama?
Scieszka, J.                           The True Story of the Three Little Pigs!
Sendak, M.                           Pierre
Sendak, M.                           Chicken Soup With Rice
Slobodkina, E.                      Caps For Sale
Seuss, Dr.                             My Many Colored Days      
Seuss, Dr.                             Green Eggs and Ham
Seuss, Dr.                             The Cat in the Hat
Wood, A.                             The Napping House

Read happy!
-Spectrum Mom

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