Monday, January 10, 2011

Dick King-Smith

Chewing the Cud: An Extraordinary Life Remembered by the Author of Babe: The Gallant Pig
Just read* about Dick King-Smith's death. I wish I had written to thank him.  My boy and I read several of his books when my son was eight (see May post), and I consider him one of 
the best writers for that age, whether or not your child has a diagnosis. If your kid likes animals, s/he will probably like 
Clever Lollipop
"I read this book from December 6-17, 2009. I liked it because of the  first chapter. I liked the things about reading and weeding. Lollipop is in it as in the book Lady Lollipop."
That's my son's review. He thinks only the first chapter of 
Clever Lollipop as good as Lady Lollipop, and I agree, but Lady Lollipop is exceptionally charming.
Lady Lollipop  
The short chapters and plentiful illustrations make this 
a great choice for beginning or struggling readers. And 
who could resist the story of how a humble pig becomes a valued member of the royal family?
Thank you Dick King-Smith. You will be long remembered.
-Spectrum Mom

*Kara Schaff Dean 

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