Friday, September 17, 2010

Kid's Choice

Jubal's Wish

The other night my exhausted, over-worked
husband told my son they would skip the
nightly reading of Frindle.  Instead, my
boy could read whatever he wanted by
He chose Jubal's Wish, a picture book
long since moved to his little brother's
room read it that night and has referred 
back to it for several days now in his
preferred reading posture-on floor with
feet rhythmically kicking and often lifting
and let fall some large object or small
piece of furniture.
What appeals to him about this book and
how can I find others he would gladly
choose to read? I talked to him about
this and still don't know.
Me: Why do you like Jubal's Wish?

Him: I love the music that might go with it.

Me: What's the music that might go with it?

Him: (hums new tune for a minute) That's
the music.
I often wonder about my boy
and synesthesia. What senses
do books engage for him?
Too many perhaps? Or is
there a way to make extra
perceptions work with 
As usual, I have more
questions than answers
and welcome your experiences.
Did I do well in dreaming
up this blog?
-Spectrum Mom
"Dreams and wishes,
wishes and dreams, 
you never know how
they'll turn out"
-Audrey Wood

posts alerted me that this
week is Book Blogger
Appreciation Week
Fellow book bloggers,
I appreciate you.

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