Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hail, King Arthur! Long live the King!

The Dragon Players (Knights Of The Lunch Table)

Okay, okay, I love this comic series
(graphic novel?) way more than my son does. 
But the books have all the components to
make them a hit, and my son just loved
pulling the sword out of the anvil on the stone 
at a King Arthur display a few years back.
He really liked saying, "Hail King Arthur!"
Anyway, here's why I think the books good 
choices for kids with autism
1 Huge picture support-the comic shows what
2  Clear dialogue-the kids speak like
real kids, and the adults get to the point 
3  Clear story-the knights need to win,
(dodgeball, a robot duel)
the horde wants to defeat them.
4  Identifiable with hero-Artie King,
the new kid at Camelot Middle School.
Nothing special about him, except he's
the only one who can open his locker.
5 Nice vocabulary - not too easy or hard.
6 Rhyming Shakespearean metred 
lunch ladies. 
7 Knights is a series.
The Dodgeball Chronicles (Knights of the Lunch Table, No. 1)
I mentioned last post that a series is good,
your kid can walk in and request more.
Magic Treehouse, Lighthouse Family,
Geronimo Stilton - all are series that
you may want to give a go - check
the archive for more on them.
But even if your kid isn't demanding 
more, familiarity may help reading. 
Knights is not yet a fave for my
boy, but he mostly gets it and is
willing to read it with me (he's 
Artie, natch).

Hail Cammuso! Long live
Artie King!

-Spectrum Mom

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