Monday, September 20, 2010

Elementary, my dear-Ask a Librarian

Mercy Watson to the Rescue

School librarians are wonderful.
But most are not reading experts
(I am still looking for reading
experts who work mostly with
kids with autism, write in! but
I digress)
and are often reluctant to make
book recommendations for my
boy with autism.
So instead, I ask for specific
types of books,
like books with picture support.
Here's a book list from a
wonderful Elementary School
librarian of books with strong
picture support:
The Little League Team from the Black Lagoon (Black Lagoon Adventures, No. 10)Black Lagoon Adventures
a school based series
SWAT Secret World Adventure Team
Stink and the Incredible Super-Galactic Jawbreaker (Book #2)
Stink series/McDonald
Moby Stink (Adventures of Uncle Stinky)
The Adventures of Uncle Stinky/Rumble
My boy enjoyed the Mercy Watson series,
very easy, heavily illustrated books
with lots of funny stuff and very short
chapters. That pig loves her toast.
He tolerated the Stink books in 2nd
and 3rd grade.
I've thumbed through SWAT
and found the concept too confusing 
and saw nothing that would grab his 
attention in the Black Lagoon
Uncle Stinky is unknown to me.
But any of these may be just
right for your kid, if you're
looking for more books with
picture support.
Caveat: always check out the
book to make sure the 
illustrations match the text.
Pictures that don't match
distract instead of support.

Enjoy your toast,
-Spectrum Mom


  1. Have you tried Donna Reagan at Bellevue library? The Autism Society? Vanderbilt Kennedy Center? They have a reading clinic. There are reading programs for our population. Google? Love your new format of how your posts appear. Fitting.

  2. Thanks Leisa,
    Vanderbilt Triad gave me a book list of books for kids with autism about
    autism, I'll do a post on that some time. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll
    follow up on them.