Friday, September 24, 2010

Have you read this?


When I started this blog I expected a lot of comments
with great ideas. So far the comments are few,
but precious. Here's one from Boo's mom on
my last post:

I haven't read any of these yet, but the list will come in handy in future, 
I'm sure. Thanks. As for music, we have My Turn, Your Turn: Songs for 
Building Social Skills by Cathy Bollinger. The tunes are catchy 
(i.e. not overly painful for adults) and the subject matter is basic 
social necessities like saying thank you, holding your temper, 
not monologuing too much on favourite subjects, etc. 
Boo isn't really old enough yet, but I think it'll be useful once he is.

On the flimsy excuse that my son reads CD cases, I'll continue
the theme of useful music for a moment. My son liked and 
listened to a lot of Tahra Time, but songs like MMMM Manners 
seemed to have little effect on him. The older he became,
the less he wanted to listen to any recorded music.His music 
therapist sent home several tapes with music geared to help him
with social, hygiene and other issues. He wouldn't
even listen to the songs at home.

In general, books work better for my child.
What about yours?

-Spectrum Mom

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