Monday, September 13, 2010

A Book Pick from a Teen!

Mr. Tucket (The Francis Tucket Books)

Usually I write about books liked by a boy 
aged ten or younger-in other words, my 
boy. But by dint of rudely accosting a very
nice stranger in the library who told the 
librarian her boy with autism liked the
Tucket series, today I'm recommending
Paulsen's work as a likely pick for older
Her boy is seventeen and struggles
with dyslexia. Like many kids on and off
the spectrum, animals appeal to him and
he voluntarily picked up his brother's
Tucket book and decided he liked it, so
his mom is busy finding the rest of the
series for him.
Hatchet [HATCHET] [Mass Market Paperback]
Author Paulsen is perhaps best known for
Hatchet, the book about Brian who survives
with the titular item and little else.
If your child likes books with the themes of adventure/outdoor/animal, try these out.
The fact that both books are parts of a series
means you have a good chance of starting a
self-sustaining reading habit.
Not only did this great mom give a reading
pick, she also offered to advise any parents
home schooling kids with autism. Email
me: and I'll
give her your email.
With great admiration and respect for
all you home schooling moms out 
there -  and my usual plea to know
your kids' favorite books -
-Spectrum Mom

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