Saturday, August 14, 2010

School Days

Dodger for President (Dodger and Me)

Since my oldest boy's 
(did I tell you he's ten now?)
school starts ridiculously
early, we're back to
ordinary days, and I
should be posting 
more frequently.

Anyone miss me?

Dodger and Me

So-getting through
Dodger and Me with any
sort of comprehension 
took seven weeks. 
Eventually my husband
settled on a schedule
of reading one day
and answering 
questions the next.

This took over an hour,
sometimes two.

This was a suitable book
in many ways. But
my son needs help 
understanding concepts
other kids know through
osmosis and not all
explanations stick.

Still, he knows the
characters now, so
we'll try the sequels
at some point.

-Spectrum Mom

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