Monday, August 16, 2010

Autism Reading Comprehension Research

Autism and Reading Comprehension: Ready-to-use Lessons for Teachers
The slightly punny title of this blog
(thank you Leisa*) 
may lead 
(have led) 
(will at some point lead)
- ever read the hilarious bit
on time-traveling and 
subjunctive future gerunds
by Douglas Adams? -
or mislead some
into thinking this blog
discusses books about

For the most part I
discuss kids' books
that my boy or I 
have liked, or that
I feel work well for 
kids with reading challenges.

But the start of school
and an article I'm reading
for about the third time
influence me to include an 
actual "autism read." 

I have not read the above
book, but it's the only one 
I found on Amazon to
specifically address
reading comprehension
and autism.

The article by Chiang
and Lin is Reading 
Comprehension Instruction
for Students with Autism
Spectrum Disorders: A
Review of the Literature.

I'll try to summarize
the article soon, but
one main point is that
"reading instruction
for students with autism
has been underemphasized"
and so has research.

This may help explain
why helping my son
read seems like uncharted
territory despite the 
thousands who must
have travelled this
path before.

Still, as Mr. Adams
would say, 
"Don't Panic"

Instead, comment
and share your thoughts
and experiences. 

The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

I know where my towel is.

The management would
like to offer apologies to 
those who found the
last sentence baffling,
irrelevant, or just plain
stupid. We would like
to say that this is an
aberration, but we
don't want to lie.
This time, we'll blame 
the strain of writing 
that academic
journal title.

-Specttrum Mom


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