Monday, August 30, 2010

Storytime is always special

Dog's Noisy Day

Every kid should get to go to storytime at the 
library.  The best have songs and movement,
even the worst have other kids.

But what if you don't feel welcome?
What if your child looks or acts 
differently than others? Or what
if you just don't know how your
child will react?

A smart mom homeschooling her
beloved son with autism not only
started a playgroup for kids with
special needs, she suggested to
a friendly and skilled librarian she
offer a special storytime.  I hope
both the mom and the librarian
will share more about that on
this blog.

The first storytimes went extremely
well and more are planned.
The librarian read Dog's Noisy
Day at one and Dog's Colorful
Day at the next.
Dog's Colorful Day: A Messy Story About Colors and Counting (Picture Puffins)
I still bring my boy to storytimes
sometimes with his little brother.
In a way, my hope that he would
"grow out of" autism served me
well since I never considered not
taking him to storytime.

For the most part his behavior
fell within the range of that
expected, when it didn't, we
left. And hey, that's true for
his younger brother as well.

I think this special storytime
is a wonderful idea, not because
most kids with special needs
need a separate time, but because
the event gives the parents a 
chance to see what will happen
in a completely supportive 
environment where no
one will direct the glare
of judgement at them if
their child is loud or does
something odd.

Also, what a great chance
to find friends for both
the big folks and the little!

your friend,
-Spectrum Mom

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  1. Christine,

    Thanks so much for the kind words. I'm really grateful to the mom who brought up the subject of a special storytime. You're so right in that this storytime will hopefully provide a way for parents who were reluctant to bring their child to the library to ease their way in. I hope the library (at least my library) will always be a welcoming place for everyone. Thanks again! --Miss Terri the Librarian