Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer Foolery

Sloppy Joe

"Where do toasters go to mail their letters? The toast office."

My older boy told us that one in the car yesterday. If you look
through the old posts you'll find joke books he likes.

We had visitors today and I cued him to tell "his" joke.
My friend remarked that her youngest boy (he's on the
spectrum, I think he has a diagnosis of Asperger's) has
no interest in jokes, and they've put away their joke

Sloppy Joe might be a bridge between our two boys.
The story includes several ridiculous jokes, but the main
theme is the titular character's attempt at self-reformation
(too many multisyllabic words for Summer-sorry)-um,
a sloppy kid tries to clean up his act.

My older boy happily read the story to my younger,
but would not read Punk Farm because his teacher
read that one to the class in second grade (over two
years ago). Novelty is essential-anyone else find that
with their child?

Summer break continues, so see you in about a week-

Spectrum M


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