Monday, August 23, 2010

Giggle Poetry

I'm Still Here in the Bathtub: Brand New Silly Dilly Songs When I wrote about poems 
before I explained their appeal for Mary Had a Little Jam and Other Silly Rhymes
my son is their predictability.  But although
at one point he read any rhyming book, he
prefers nursery rhymes and nonsense poems.

Fortunately, goofiness appeals to most
children and the supply of silly poetry
shows no signs of running out.

The two books posted above by Alan
Katz and Bruce Lansky entered our
lives at an elementary school book
fair and remain favorites for him
to read to himself.  About two 
years ago he no longer wanted
us to read anything that rhymed
aloud. I'm still not sure why.

The other night while trying to
keep my two angels from
1) the house
2) each other
I found the website
which I highly recommend
for your silly poetry fans.
My Teacher's In Detention: More Kids' Favorite Funny School Poems

I think Lansky started the
site, but it includes the work
of several poets including
school kids after a Lansky

The site also includes silly
fill in the blank Yankee
Doodle poems and poetry

If you find your sweet kid acting silly,
it's best to join in willy nilly,
with a poem or a rhyme,
at least some of the time,
you'll find your way smooth and less hilly.

-Spectrum Mom

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