Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Word Perfect

At church Sunday our minister started a prayer
"Gracious God"
"No!" yelled my nine year old son
"Almighty God" our minister corrected himself.

Our minister is smart and he's used to my son.
You do the service as printed, or my boy will
correct you (or have a fit-depends on the day).

The doctor who gave us the PDD diagnosis
For my son said my boy might start reading
very early, at age three. That didn't happen.
But he started correcting our reading by age four.
Part of that was probably word counting, no
abridging allowed. But soon he was aware of
every word on the page, with no variation permitted.

Like most kids, he started reading in Kindergarten.
Unlike most, he remembers what day he read
what book. His favorite for January, 2006?

"Who Took the Farmer's Hat.
We talked about it driving from RIP [Regional Intervention Program]
on January 26, 2006."

So here are a few favorites he remembers
(one each from Kindergarten, First Grade,
and Second Grade):

Who Took the Farmer's Hat/Nodset (Harper & Row)

First Tomato/Rosemary Wells

Behold the Bold Umbrellaphant

(a book of poetry about odd combo beasts)

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